I am currently a 3rd year student in options studios at the Harvard Graduate School of Design preparing for my thesis next fall. I entered the GSD in 2009 after graduating from the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. I have been fully immersed in architecture, taking a break from school in 2011 to work for Blu Homes in San Francisco and Ann Arbor and returning to complete my studies in 2012.

My interests include kinetics in architecture, having engaged with moving buildings at Blu Homes and in my own work with projects such as the Lock Building. In 2012, I also had the opportunity to work with Chuck Hoberman in a course to design the Cloud Canopy with my teammates (pictured above), which was later featured in a GSD exhibition. I am also very interested in the role that scripting can take in the design of a building and attempted to design the Museum of Matter for CERN using a particle system enitrely built using javascript in Processing. I also have a passion for fabrication and have been a CNC mill operator since 2010 and have used it to build various models and furniture pieces like the Ikebana Flower Container and the Folding Bookshelf. My personal record for the longest milling job is 14 hours for a flip-milled model in poplar for the Interlocking Campus Housing project in the Spring of 2011. I have also had many opportunities to travel, having participated in the Ecoweek Conference in Athens, studied abroad in Zurich, and taken a drawing course in Rome.

I have been lucky enough to have my work recognized and several projects been featured in school exhibitions at both the University of Michigan and the Harvard Graduate School of Design and my team was a finalist in the Kaohsiung Idea for Action Competition for our entry for the Green Light District. I am looking forward to my final year at the GSD and and currently preparing to conduct my thesis and move on to bigger things.