The Green Light District project seeks to integrate green and innovative design to turn Kaohsiung into an information city without losing sight of its rich industrial heritage. Algaculture [algae farming] served as the main catalyst for this endeavor. This method of producing biodiesel has proved to be highly efficient, renewable, and cleanses its environment. There exists a symbiosis between the algae farm and its surrounding environment. Along with land based algae farms, refitted old ships clean the harbor as well as produce fuel for the surrounding buildings. Most of the old ports would be demolished in order to create parks and new buildings linked together by algae farms. Eventually, the algae infrastructure spreads into the city creating a new type of night life. The freight containers from the ports are used as interactive follies within the park.

In collaboration with Rick Cosgrove, Emily Hsiung, and Bernard Peng

Finalist in the Idea for Action Kaoshiung Competition